EMMA @ Rice University, Houston

EMMA has moved overseas this week (don’t worry, this is only temporary). Paula Pérez Sobrino has been invited to participate as Science Fellow at the 3rd International
Conference “Exploring Mind Through Music” organised by the Sheperd School of Music at Rice University. The goal of the Conference is to promote collaboration between musicians and scientists and spur research, as well as increase public interest in this exciting discipline.

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Tomorrow at 3.30 she will present her talk “Audiobranding, how does your brand sounds like?“, in which she will investigate the connections between mind, music, and branding. She will offer an overview of concepts such as sound symbolism, synaesthesia, metaphor and metonymy to an audience of neurolinguists, psychologists, musicologists, musicians and lay people, in order to show how they can be applied to the study of sound logos.

This talk ties in with Nina Julich’s (University of Lepizig, Germany) research on metaphors for musical motion in concert reviews and academic articles on music theory. Paula Pérez Sobrino and Nina Julich have been working together over the past years on the study of the metaphorical basis for musical understanding, and have shown that metaphors for musical motion can be largely explained on the same terms as the Event Structure Metaphor. If you want to know more about this, see Pérez-Sobrino, Paula and Nina Julich. 2014. “Let’s Talk Music: A Corpus-Based Account of Musical Motion”. Metaphor and Symbol 29:4, 298-315.


Nina Julich and Paula Pérez-Sobrino at Rice University


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